Following the third year of a holiday letter comprised
of my (increasingly complex) life via a (increasingly complex) year-in-photographs, I
wondered what it would be like to join the great experiment of 365 days of photographs.
I'm not a photographer,
I'm a writer. I'm a visual thinker, and if ever there was proof that a photo is worth a
thousand words, it would be the story a photo tells me, or in this case, about me.
Follow me on this adventure, where I
learn about photography, my ability to record my life, my dedication to something (I've
never been known for doing anything everyday) in my posts. I've also discovered I'm
learning about time, the history of it, and the odd practice of recording it, measuring it,
turning it into something tangible, and I'll record these explorations in the sidebar.
As always, feel free
to say anything. My experiment is not a spectator sport.

January 13, 2009

January 13 2009 The First Braid

A horse whose former owner braided and re-braided the tangled plastic doll hair mane and tail so frequently it has permanent kinks has bequeathed the beauty of the braid to the daughter. Momentous for few, but a highlight of any afternoon, the first success of a skill that will follow her forever, into friendship bracelets, random strings, hair, wires, sleeves...

Getting the model to smile at all was difficult. Sometimes models are moody. Keeping extraneous models out of the shot was a group effort. Getting one of several attempts to be not-too-close, not-too-much-rear-end, not-too-far, not-too-indistinguishable... was one in a million. This is cropped, and gets the great little smirk, stillness, lighting...oh, the joys of photographing people.

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