Following the third year of a holiday letter comprised
of my (increasingly complex) life via a (increasingly complex) year-in-photographs, I
wondered what it would be like to join the great experiment of 365 days of photographs.
I'm not a photographer,
I'm a writer. I'm a visual thinker, and if ever there was proof that a photo is worth a
thousand words, it would be the story a photo tells me, or in this case, about me.
Follow me on this adventure, where I
learn about photography, my ability to record my life, my dedication to something (I've
never been known for doing anything everyday) in my posts. I've also discovered I'm
learning about time, the history of it, and the odd practice of recording it, measuring it,
turning it into something tangible, and I'll record these explorations in the sidebar.
As always, feel free
to say anything. My experiment is not a spectator sport.

May 31, 2009

May 31 2009 Me and My Daughter's First Theater Movie

Girl scouts arranged to spend their cookie money on a movie. My daughter had never been to one, so I thought I'd go with her. Her best friend's mom went, too, and the four of us and the troop enjoyed a bit of Up. She was a little scared of the dark theater, then of the loud sounds. Then she was impatient with all the previews, since for matinees they played them twice, once for kids and once normal. Then she panicked about all the bad things that happened in the movie, and cried when bad things happened, and I cried when good things happened, but she didn't understand me.

Another cell phone picture, because I didn't manage to grab my camera when I was over there.


Heather In Progress said...

Do you mean your daughter has never seen a movie, or she's never been to the theater? Sounds like an interesting first experience either way.

alw_ays said...

She loves movies, but the only public venue movie she'd been to is the Glade Park Under the Stars.