Following the third year of a holiday letter comprised
of my (increasingly complex) life via a (increasingly complex) year-in-photographs, I
wondered what it would be like to join the great experiment of 365 days of photographs.
I'm not a photographer,
I'm a writer. I'm a visual thinker, and if ever there was proof that a photo is worth a
thousand words, it would be the story a photo tells me, or in this case, about me.
Follow me on this adventure, where I
learn about photography, my ability to record my life, my dedication to something (I've
never been known for doing anything everyday) in my posts. I've also discovered I'm
learning about time, the history of it, and the odd practice of recording it, measuring it,
turning it into something tangible, and I'll record these explorations in the sidebar.
As always, feel free
to say anything. My experiment is not a spectator sport.

June 19, 2009

June 19 2009 A New Planet Swims Into His Ken

There were adventures today. My children played with the baby, and we took them out on the orchards. They played together at the Meadery while we adults tasted honey-wine and they spun the rollers on the peach packing line at the peach orchard. They looked out for each other, entertained each other, played with each other. For dinner two more children joined the fray and it was remarkably peaceful, though full of activity.

Give everyone a new experience, especially if they're children. Things to fill, bang, strum, press, read, breathe, see, feel, taste. Places to run, fall, sit, walk, ride. People to see, watch, and hear. My daughter loved being a big girl, helping the baby see things in new ways and lifting her to carry her out of danger, or off the dirt to be brushed off. It wasn't a cranky head-strong pre-schooler or toddler, or peer. It was a baby who needed lead, guided, shown. Oh, yeah, and the baby learned things too.

Kids and Pets - Flash. Definitely a candid shot, and I got off three before anyone noticed.

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