Following the third year of a holiday letter comprised
of my (increasingly complex) life via a (increasingly complex) year-in-photographs, I
wondered what it would be like to join the great experiment of 365 days of photographs.
I'm not a photographer,
I'm a writer. I'm a visual thinker, and if ever there was proof that a photo is worth a
thousand words, it would be the story a photo tells me, or in this case, about me.
Follow me on this adventure, where I
learn about photography, my ability to record my life, my dedication to something (I've
never been known for doing anything everyday) in my posts. I've also discovered I'm
learning about time, the history of it, and the odd practice of recording it, measuring it,
turning it into something tangible, and I'll record these explorations in the sidebar.
As always, feel free
to say anything. My experiment is not a spectator sport.

April 20, 2009

April 20 2009 Packing, Preparing, and Piling

It must be late: I find my alliteration amusing. I've spend the day making lists and crossing things off of it. I've written lesson plans, taught, studied and researched, and I've organized, mended, laundered, washed, dried, and packed. This here a visual representation of what I've accomplished, though there is still a sleeping bag hanging to dry and stacks of other achievements around the house (not the least of which is that I have finally found my printer ink). Camping in the high desert with two children and their babysitter--for the hours I'm studying--is no small task. Also, the dirt and dust has destroyed zippers on my tent in the past, so I am packing everything in zipperless bags. I found straps to wrap around the sleeping bags, I'm using diaper-wipes boxes for electronics (which also hate the dirt) and toothbrushes and such, and I think I only have about ten more hours of packing and loading until I'm actually ready to be on my way. Call me crazy, but starting early never hurt anybody.

Auto+stand-back-and-zoom= photo. A bit of composition to avoid showing the stacks of clothes that still don't have a closet (stay tuned, maybe a closet will be in the photoblog works for May or June).

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