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August 5, 2009

August 05 2009 Homemade Hilarity: An homage to horrific art projects and misguided handicrafts everywhere

Toss it into My Scrap Bag

In an entire store geared toward selling you fabric and fabric accessories, why would something that looks like leftovers pass for an example completed project? Maybe the idea that hibiscus and bamboo handles should occupy the same bag crossed someone's mind as they were in the design stage, or maybe they just took some remnants with a similar color scheme and put it together. The disregard to dots, stripes, patterned print dichotomy is pleasant compared to what possessed the creator to add beaded pink fluff to an otherwise already visually busy bag. And of course the hardware being too heavy for the fabric construction, weighing it down under its overkill role as graspable accessory.

So, with which outfit should I carry this, because I'm not feeling any of my nice summer drapey prints, or plaids, or stripes, or dots. And shoes: should they be beaded and pink? Contemplating a wardrobe around this accessory gives me a headache, a worse one than just looking at the pink and blue color shifts.

For Original Blog Homemade Hilarity

I chose this blog this morning based on today's plans that I was going to go to the fabric store with my husband (yes, he goes to the fabric store much more often than I do). I was absolutely sure there was going to be some horrid example of things you could use their products for hanging around the shelves--gawdawful curtains, a quilt of unfriendly fabric, a ball gown of reflective silver. I got there and everything was cute! There wasn't a single thing there that made me cringe, except this, and I really had to stretch to make fun of it properly. It was not an obvious "hilarity."

However, I have (loosely) vowed not to agonize over this month's project any more this month.

Bring on tomorrow. I can take it.

Photo: Auto-Flash.

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Anna said...

Wow! That was not a nice purse!